DERF :: Create New DERF (Data Enquiry & Release Form)

Before You Start

Before you can create a new DERF (Data Enquiry & Release Form), you must:

  • Agree to the terms and conditions of this service
  • Check that the location of your search falls within the area covered by BIS
  • Check that BIS holds some records for the 1km square your search falls within
  • (Optional) Supply your email address so we can email you a link to your DERF

Terms & Conditions

Summary terms and conditions (click here for the full terms and conditions):

  • I confirm that all data requested will be used for legitimate and legal purposes.
  • I understand that all data (including that marked sensitive or confidential) may not be passed on to other bodies or individuals.
  • I agree to keep the data secure from unauthorised or accidental use, access, disclosure or loss, and to take reasonable practical steps to ensure the security of the data.
  • I agree to delete or destroy the data after 12 months or after use.
  • To see how BIS handles personal data see the BIS Privacy policy.

Search Location Within BIS

To check if your location is within the area covered by BIS (or to contact a different LERC if necessary), use the LERC Finder Tool (link will open in a new window). The tool should open automatically, if it does not then click the link located at the bottom of the home page. Once you open the tool, enter the grid reference of your search location and click 'find'. The tool will tell you which LERC covers the location that you have entered. If the the LERC is BIS, you can continue with this DERF.

Records Held By BIS?

Before you continue with this enquiry, we request that you confirm that BIS holds some records for the area you are searching. The LERC Wales Aderyn tool allows you to specify a search location and return the records held for the 1km square that the point falls within. Although this will likely not match your search criteria exactly, it will give you an indication of the data we hold. The tool will NOT give you access to any sensitive records. To access these (and obtain full access to non-sensitive records) you will need to complete this DERF request. Aderyn can be accessed at (link will open in a new window). To use the tool, you will have to navigate around the google map and place a marker on the map - you cannot enter a grid reference via the public access.

Email Address (Optional)

If you supply your email address we will immediately supply you a link to this DERF. You can then return and complete it later if you wish (or if you lose your connection during the process).