Record A Tree 20-Challenge - ends 28th Feb - 28/02/2021

Can you record 20 trees in their winter guise this January & February?

This is the first of our Wildlife Recording 20-challanges, as we celebrate 20 years of putting wildlife on the map in Powys and BBNP. If you manage to complete the challenge your name will be entered into a prize draw to win a Winter tree ID guide.
The challenge is to record 20 different trees this winter (Dec - Feb 20/21) in the BIS area, using BIS Wired online, the LERC Wales App or i-Record. The 20 trees can be of the same species, but need to be in different locations. You are encouraged to add a photo to your records!

To help you identify trees without their leaves, click here.

To take part please register by visiting our Eventbrite webpage, link here.

Added 20/01/2021 13:14