Submit a Record

Do you have wildlife records that you are willing to share with BIS?

The easiest way to send your sightings into BIS is to use the BIS online Wildlife Recording Database (WiReD). After you register you can save, view and map all your records. It ensures that the correct information is added, including photos if available, and can be directly verified by the local experts. It is then easily downloaded into the BIS main species database.

You can now enter your records on the go, through your smart phone, using the LERC App. Follow this link for more info and download. Use the same email as WiReD to register for the App then you can see all your WiReD, LERC Wales App and any iRecord records in WiReD.

If you do not want to register with WiReD you can use our simple on-line recording form. Otherwise we can still receive records via email or preferably in an electronic format such as a spreadsheet. Click here to download an excel spreadsheet preconfigured for recorders, and which outlines the information BIS needs to import records into the BIS Recorder 6 database. More regular recorders may use biological software such as Recorder 6 or MapMate which can be directly exported to the BIS Recorder 6 database.

To easily find a grid reference for your record go to the Grab a Grid reference tool.

To see a summary of records BIS holds for your area go to the Aderyn public page.