Data Holdings :: Miscellaneous records in BIS area

Detail of data set: Miscellaneous records in BIS area.

Attribute Detail
Name Miscellaneous records in BIS area
Taxon Miscellaneous
Number of Records 11463
First Date 01/01/1853
Last Date 04/04/2019
Run By Stephanie Coates; Peter Sturgess; Wildwood Ecology Ltd; HBRC, Herefordshire Biological Record Centre; RECORD (Cheshire LRC); RWS, Radnorshire Wildlife Services; Gerald Longley; Bob Dennison; Mark Woods; Cofnod; Vincent Wildlife Trust; Peter Smith; Oakwood Ecology; BIS, Biodiversity Information Service for Powys & BBNP; Diane Dobson; Mid Wales Ecology; Tamasine Stretton; Sam Bosanquet; Hannah Shaw; Simon Allen; PTES; Barbara Brown; Alan Salter; National Trust; Ian Spence
Area BIS; Breconshire; Montgomeryshire; Powys; Powys & BBNP; Powys &BBNP; Powys and BBNP; VC42, VC43, VC44, VC47, VC35