Garden Bioblitz (Wales Nature Week) - 30/05/2020

Wales Nature Week starts on Saturday 30th May with an all Wales Garden Bioblitz. Join in this nationwide event to record all wildlife species, common & rare, seen in your garden or local area. Record what you see in the usual way, including using the LERC Wales App or online using BIS Wired. Help to build a national species snapshot for Wales Nature Week by recording all the species - common or rare - you can find in your garden for 24 hours. Follow the fun on Facebook and Twitter with #WalesGardenBioBlitz and submit your records via the LERC Wales App or BISWired or preferred recording method. We will be counting all records received for 30th May 2020 as part of the event. If you are an established recorder, please use your preferred submission method, e.g. MapMate, iRecord or your LERC’s online system.

Have fun learning about the nature in your garden and contribute useful data to help wildlife conservation.

When: Saturday 30th May 2020
Time: all day, 24 hours.

Location: your own garden or local area

More details: Click here for all Wales Nature Week events.

Get involved: Follow the fun on Facebook & Twitter #WalesGardenBioBlitz

Suggested timeline for your wildlife hunt

5am: Dawn Chorus - early risers can share the experience of the wonders of dawn during May

8am: Marvellous Moths - live updates from the traps of LERC Wales staff

11am: Perfect Pollinators - Watch your flower beds to see what bees, butterflies and other winged wonders visit

2pm: Fantastic Flowers - what wild flowers can you find in your lawn / pavement cracks / flower beds

5pm: Cool creepy crawlies - look under logs and rummage through rocks to look for slugs, snails and woodlice

9pm: Twilight highlights: Listen for bats, shine a spotlight on spiders, and hunt for hedgehogs- what nocturnal visitors you can find after dark.

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