Burial Grounds as Biodiversity Hotspots Across Wales - 09/06/2021

Burial grounds can be surprisingly rich in biodiversity, supporting a fantastic array of different species ranging from tiny lichens to ancient yew trees. Find out about them on this talk from Caring for God's Acre during Love Your Burial ground week 5th to 13th June 2021.

Wednesday 9th June, 7:30pm to 9pm. An informative talk over zoom.

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A churchyard or burial site may be the most ancient enclosed piece of land in a parish, town or city. The grassland will have been relatively undisturbed, re-seeding naturally for hundreds if not thousands of years. It will also have been both mown for hay and grazed by animals during its time as a burial ground. A benefit of this continuity of management over a very long time is a rich diversity of grasses, flowers and animals.

 Caring for God's Acre (CfGA) works to support groups managing burial grounds across Wales and England. Join us for a tour exploring the biodiversity to be found in Welsh burial grounds and what help & support is available to groups managing these unique sites as part of their Biodiversity Hotspots across Wales project, funded by Natural Resources Wales. There are plenty of ways visitors can record and get involved too!

This is a free event and is open to all.

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