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Name NBN Atlas Export
Taxon Miscellaneous
Number of Records 157445
First Date 31/12/1889
Last Date 04/04/2019
Run By PA Ward; Simon Spencer; Brecon Beacons National Park; Paul Sinnadurai; A R Perry; BBNP; BBNPA, Brecon Beacons National Park Authority; Jan King; Phil Ward; BIS, Biodiversity Information Service for Powys & BBNP; BIS, Biodiversity Information Service for Powys and BBNP; Bob Dennison; National Grid; HR Wakefield; Keith Noble; Charles Allum; Ron Layton; Janice Vincett; John Ockenden; Collins Environmental Consultancy Ltd; Chloe Griffiths; David Rogers Associates; BBC Wales; Phil Morgan; RSK; Richard Griffiths; Geri Foster Thomas; Clare Boyes; Gerald Longley; Alastair Hotchkiss; David Meanwell; John Bratton; Peter Sturgess; Oakwood Ecology; Peter Smith; Stephanie Coates; Mark Woods; Ray Woods; British Waterways; Wolfgang Schaefer; Montgomeryshire Field Society; A K Thorne; Tamasine Stretton; W. Schaefer; Jerry Langford; Fiona Etherington; Powys County Council.; Neil Matthew; JH Bratton; Tammy Stretton; 1; Brecknock Wildlife Trust; Powys Wildlife Trusts; Atmos Consulting; Sorcha Lewis; Welsh Biological Recording Group; BWT, Brecknock Wildlife Trust; John Crellin
Area BBNP; BBNP SN94151370; BBNP, Gwent area; BIS; BIS area; Brecknockshire; Brecon Beacons National Park; Breconshire; CCW Eastern Area (Powys and BBNP); Cwm Gwdi; Hatterrall Hill, Brecon Beacons; Middletown Area; Montgomeryshire; Mostly VC43; Penlan Ponds; Powys; Powys & BBNP; Powys &BBNP; Powys and BBNP; Powys and BBNP areas; Radnorshire VC43; Radnorshire and Brecknockshire; SO0326090285; UK; United Kingdom; Upper Neath Valley; VC 42 and some just outside; VC35; VC42; VC43; VC47; Wales