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Farmland Birds talk & the Big Farmland Bird Count

The talk on Farmland Birds with vice County Recorder for Birds in Montgomeryshire, Simon Boyes, and the talk on the Big Farmland Bird Count are now available on the BIS you tube channel. To watch the video on Farmland Birds click here. For the Big Farmland Bird Count click here. Thanks to the Brecon Beacons Beacons National Park (BBNP) & CLIF BAR for funding this event to increase wildlife awareness in the BBNP and wider area.

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Added 03/02/2021 13:11

Butterflies of Montgomeryshire (VC47) 2021

The latest Atlas of butterfly records in Montgomeryshire (VC47) was produced in January 2021 by County Recorder for Butterflies in VC47, Douglas Boyes. To read & download a copy of this extensive document head to the BIS website Library, button above or click here.

Added 27/01/2021 09:56

Birds of a Brecon Beacons Garden now on youtube

Our talk on the birds you are likely to see in your garden is now availalbe to watch via our you tube channel. Our thanks to Keith Noble our knowledgable presenter and to the Brecon Beacons Beacons National Park (BBNP) & CLIF BAR for funding this event to increase wildlife awareness in the BBNP and wider area.

Click here to watch. Enjoy!

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Dragonfly Report for Radnorshire for 2020

The latest (2020) report on Dragonfly sightings in Radnorshire can be read via the BIS website Library - click on the tab above or this link > click here.

Added 25/01/2021 14:08

Record A Tree 20-Challenge

To celebrate our 20th anniversary of BIS 'Putting Wildlife on the Map' we have our first BIS 20 Challenge with Record A Tree. Can you record 20 different trees this winter in the BIS area? To take part you'll need to register, record 20 different trees in the BIS area using BIS Wired, LERC Wales App or iRecord. There's more detail and a link to register on our Events page, or click here.

Added 21/01/2021 11:18

Wildlife Awareness Events

We have 7 online events bookable now. All are free and online, covering a wide range of subject matter, from bumblebees to trail camera 'traps' and Farmland birds. Visit our events page to find out more details and a booking link to our Eventbrite webpage.

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Seasonal Greetings

Best wishes to all our supporters and customers! Wishing you Seasonal Greetings and a Happy & Safe Christmas and New Year.

Added 21/12/2020 15:14

Winter Species you may spot this Christmas

Over the holiday period (from 24th December) we are highlighting winter species and encouraging you to record the wildlife you see using the LERC Wales App or online at BIS Wired. Please stay safe this Christmas and record what you spot on your local exercise walks.

Each day we will be releasing a seasonal species for you to find out about and spot. Look out for these on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) - If you 'don't do' social media you can see our faceboo

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Birds of a Brecon Beacons Garden

Our next event is an informative talk on the birds likely to be seen in your garden and tips for identifying them. You'll also find out how you can safely attract a variety of species and hear stories and fascinating facts.

The event will be over zoom on the evening of Thursday 21st January. Visit our Events page for more details and a link to book via our Eventbrite website.  

Added 15/12/2020 16:21

Winter Tree ID

The slides from our Winter Tree ID training course can be seen in our website Library - click on the link above. They will help in your quest to identify trees in winter.

Added 08/12/2020 12:22