Welcome to the SaSq squares for April 2019

This months selected squares are the first in our new initiative to encourage recording in 1km squares which have zero recent records. Most will have records but these will have been in 2008 or earlier. This months squares are near Brecon, Painscastle and Welshpool.  

Click on the maps below to download a pdf of each square.

VC42 Brecknockshire - SO0526 - Cantref near Brecon

SO0526 Cantref, south of Brecon has 38 records but no recent records. It was last visited in 1978. The species list on the public area of Aderyn is here. There is a minor road giving easy access to this square. To see the general location of this square click here.

VC43 Radnorshire - SO1746 - Painscastle

SO1746 to the east of Painscastle has 228 records but none are recent. It was last visited in 2005.

The species list for SO1746 in the public area of Aderyn can be seen here.

VC47 Montgomeryshire - SJ1811 - Maesgwyn Wood

SJ1811 Maesgwyn has 27 records and was last visited in 1977. The adjacent square to the right now has recent records. It is north west of Welshpool near Guilsfield.

The species list for SJ1811 in the public area of Aderyn can be seen here.