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Invertebrate Conservation Value of Colliery Spoil Habitats in South Wales - Newsletters (Other)

The Colliery Spoil Biodiversity Initiative recently published a valuable report highlighting the conservation value of colliery spoil sites. This habitat type can be found throughout south east Wales, and supports a wide range of endangered and rare species.

Added 16/04/2019 13:57

SaSq VC47 April 2019 general location of SJ1811 & SJ1911 Maesgwyn Ganol & The Warren - Policies & Procedures

This map shows the general location of the chosen square for VC47 in April 2019.

Added 04/04/2019 16:07

SaSq VC43 April 2019 general location of SO1746 Painscastle - Miscellaneous

This map shows the general location of the chosen square for VC43 in April 2019.

Added 04/04/2019 15:56

SaSq VC42 April 2019 general location of SO0526 Cantref - Miscellaneous

This map shows the general location of the chosen square for VC42 in April 2019.

Added 04/04/2019 15:37

Nature's Calendar - Events

This calendar from WBP, the Wales Biodiversity Partnership, has some survey ideas that you might want to take part in. Surveying can help contribute to our knowledge of species and habitats. Take a look at our events page for survey day events you can take part in. 

Added 02/04/2019 11:49

Oil beetle identification - Newsletters (Other)

This fantastic leaflet from Buglife will help you identify the three species likely to be found in Wales

Added 28/03/2019 13:32

Frits About Newsletter - Spring 2019 - Newsletters (Other)

A round up of 2018 fritillary news and details on early activity this year. If you'd like to receive Frits About there's a email address to sign up.

Added 28/03/2019 10:03

Field Day for Plant Records, Llanbister, Sunday 2 June - Events

Have a go at recording plants for the BSBI 2020 Atlas. All are welcome, especially welcome are those who've never done recording before.

When: Sunday 2 June,  10:30 - 16:00

Location: Near Llanbister on A483, VC43 Radnorshire.

Cost: Free

Refreshments: Bring packed lunch

To attend book on with or 07930 608 423

See poster below for details

Added 28/03/2019 09:29

Snail Day at Ynys Hir Saturday 29 June - Events

Interested in wildlife in ponds and rivers? Then perhaps you want to know more about Britain’s fabulous freshwater snails and what they might mean to you! We are looking for beginners to take part in our FREE ALL-DAY EVENT.
This is pond-dipping for adults! Come along and discover how to find and identify all 40 types, with the help of nets, microscopes and tips from the experts! We also need your help to make our new identification guide as easy to use as possible. Lots of other pond-life is bound to appear as well!

When: Saturday 29 June,  10:30  – 15:30
Location: RSPB Ynys Hir, Eglwys-fach, Machynlleth.

Added 28/03/2019 09:30

BIS Training & Recording Events 2019 - Events

All our events for 2019 are listed on this A4 poster. They can also be seen on the events tab of our website. There is a mixture of recording days and ID training days.

Added 28/03/2019 09:31