April 27th 2020

Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan Ecological Networks Maps now LIVE!

In 2016/17 Environment Systems was commissioned on behalf of the Powys Nature Partnership (PNP) to review the Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan written in 2002. As part of this process they undertook habitat network analysis for Powys excluding Brecon Beacons National Park, for grassland; woodland; wetland and heathland. A full explanation of the methodology extracted from the draft General Action Plan (GAP) can be found in the BIS Library, or click here.

BIS has now developed a public interactive website linked to the BIS website, to allow users to interrogate these maps at high resolution over OS maps. It is hoped that they will be a useful tool in habitat management and restoration for the partnership.

Click on the PNRAP Eco Maps tab above or click here.

Added 27/04/2020 11:48