May 7th 2020

Red Data List of Welsh Stoneworts

NRW have published this red data list from a wide range of data-sets including NRW monitoring data, citizen science and previous projects. Red Lists are a key tool for addressing biodiversity loss, enabling us to identify and prioritise those species most at risk. NRW intend to use this list in their advice to Welsh Government and for internal conservation prioritisation.

Visit the BIS Library to download the pdf.

The Red List identified three main habitats as important for stoneworts:-
•    Lakes;
•    Lowland Fens;
•    Sand Dunes

Key findings of the report are:
•    The number of stonewort species in Wales has increased by two to 19 since the flora was last reviewed in 2007;
•    Data for lakes and fens is relatively good, but there is inadequate information from dunes and ponds in the wider countryside;
•    Eight species are threatened, of which two are Critically Endangered, four Endangered and two Vulnerable.
•    There is some evidence of an increase in stoneworts in upland lakes following recovery from acidification;
•    Protected Sites play a critical role in stonewort conservation, especially of the most threatened species which are often wholly dependent on protected sites for their survival.

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