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NBN: Biological Recorders - tell us about yourself!!

This survey is part of a National Biodiversity Network project to understand the diversity of motives for biological recording, and how best to support recorders. It takes less than 30 minutes and covers recording habits, non-recording free time, attitudes toward the environment, and wider social context. Responses will be combined with interviews, to develop a resource for network members when mobilising and developing their contributors. More details and a printable version (for return to t... more

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Plantlife "Welsh Waxcap Grasslands Project" Questionnaire

  Plantlife Cymru are developing a proposal to run a three year project to record and conserve our waxcap grasslands. Part of the project will be to establish a Grassland Fungi Apprenticeship scheme where volunteers would be trained in identifying waxcaps and other grassland fungi and then conduct surveys in key areas. Plantlife need to gather evidence that there is sufficient interest in such a scheme in order to get the funding. If you are interested in taking part, please do fil... more

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Response for Nature Project Report launched 13th October 2015

  Response for Nature Project launched its reports on the 13th Oct 2015. 
Response for Nature Project reports Many of the UK’s conservation organisations have joined forces to outline the key actions they see as essential in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to be taken by governments and assisted by business, environmental charities and civil society to stop the loss of nature.  
In 2013, the State of Nature report found that 60 per ... more

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Big Butterfly Survey - Butterfly Conservation

17th July to 20th August
There are two easy ways to take part in the Big Butterfly Count.   Visit the Big Butterfly Count website to download and print an ID chart. Take it out with you to make a record of the butterflies you spot then simply log back on and tell us what you've seen.

If you have a smartphone then the free Big Butterfly Count app will help you identify different species and allow you to record them there and then, saving paper as well as butterflies.

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The Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership (MWRSP) website

The Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership (MWRSP)  website is now live. MWRSP was established in 2002. The Partnership aims to expand and protect the unique population of red squirrels in mid Wales; one of only three significant red squirrel populations in the whole of Wales.

The map of red squirrel sightings includes historical records  populated from the LRC Wales merged database from BIS, SEWBReC and WWBIC. Records entered on-line will be exchanged with the LRCs.

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Welsh Government Environment Bill public survey

The Welsh Assembly’s Environment and Sustainability Committee is  consulting  on the Environment (Wales) Bill. As part of the consultation the Committee want to hear the views of the people of Wales on different aspects of the Bill through a survey which asks a range of questions on environmental issues, from climate change, nature conservation, recycling and the five pence plastic bag charge.

A link to the English and Welsh survey are below: https://www.surveymonke

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Powdery Mildew Project - Reading University

The University of Reading is looking for recorders and naturalists in the Powys area to become involved with and contribute to the Powdery Mildew Project being run by Oli Ellingham. On receipt of specimens of mildewed leaves Oli will DNA sequence them and then provide identifications to the specimen provider which obviously can then be put into BIS's database. A good way of obtaining records for a very under-recorded group.
Please see Oli's webpages with instructions for sending specimens at the
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Wanted!! Orchid observers

The Natural History Museum (in partnership with Oxford Uni) has launched a new citizen science project - ‘Orchid Observers’. They’re looking for people to help gather data on 29 species of orchids across the UK (by taking photos of any orchids you see, with date & location & then uploading them via the project’s website). There are orchid identification tools on line (but ID is optional).   Recent research has indicated that climate change is affecting the flo... more

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National Plant Monitoring Scheme starts 1st March 2015

The scheme asks for volunteers across the United Kingdom to visit a kilometre square local to them and record the plants they find there in several different plots. The scheme will enable us to explore how plants in different habitats are responding to changes in the environment. More information about the scheme can be found at  

  •  All volunteers registering for a square on will receive a survey pack (survey guidance; species list; speci

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LRC Wales DAT Species Records Distribution maps updated

The Data Access Tool (DAT) is a joint project between the four Local Records Centres in Wales, aimed at presenting our data in a usable and user friendly manner for the wildlife recording community.

In conjunction with the other welsh LRCs BIS has developed a system to merge the 4 species databases.
This will now be the basis to uodate  and improve the DAT for public and partner access to the data. The first step has been to improve the speed of species records distribution maps.
Go to http

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