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NBN Atlas update

NBN Gateway is to close on Friday 31st March to coincide with the release of the NBN Atlas.

‘A summary of some of the important changes this will involve can be found on the NBN website. These changes include the need to re-register for the NBN Atlas, removal of access controls for non-sensitive records, records will be available at public resolution only, any improved access granted through the NBN Gateway will not be transferred over to the NBN Atlas, and all datasets will be associated

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PondNet Spawn Count 2017

PondNet Spawn Count 2017 has launched! Find ID guides, recording forms and how to take part here.

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Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan

In July 2016 the Powys Biodiversity Partnership commissioned Environment Systems Ltd. to undertake a short project to review the current Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP). The output of the review will be the Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan. Visit our BIS library to see Opportunity mapping results.... more

Added 24/04/2017 12:55

Aderyn now available in Welsh

Aderyn, the Biodiversity Information and Reporting Database of Local Environmental Records Centres Wales, is now fully available in Welsh. Public can access wildlife sightings and species records collated by the four LERCs, covering the whole of Wales. Anyone can use this site to view lists of species recorded around their home, or maps showing the distribution of species according to data held by LERC Wales. Partners, recorders and planners can be licenced to access high resolution,... more

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BIS species database reaches 2 million records

BIS recently entered its 2 millionth record into the Record 6 species database thanks to Andy King and his Brecknock Birds 2015 records. The 2 millionth record was a Green Sandpiper recorded by Andy King at Llangorse Lake in 2015.

On the 1st September 2016 BIS holds 2,029,000 spp records having recently added Montgomeryshire and  Radnorshire 2015 Bird records plus updates from BIS WiReD and iRecord. These will now all be made available to Environment Systems for analysis for the Powys

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BIS launches LERC Wales Aderyn public site

BIS launched the public site of Aderyn (Biodiversity Information Reporting Database) at its 15 years celebration on Saturday 18th June. The link is now on the BIS website and replaces the previous Data Access Tool. The public can search for a summary list of species within a 1km square or see distributions of records held by LERC Wales for a single species or taxon group eg butterflies.
The planning reporting system is now being tested and should be live to partners in next few weeks. BIS will th
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New BIS datsets on NBN Gateway

BIS has uploaded four new data sets below onto NBN Gateway to comply with NRW funding agreement. These records are available at 10km resolution and exclude county datasets which are likely to be on Gateway through Schemes & Societies.

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‘CENNAD’ Plantlife Cymru Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme

‘CENNAD’ Plantlife Cymru Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme is now open to applications, from today for 3 weeks. Please note closing date: 11 April 2016.

The Plantlife Cymru Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme ‘CENNAD’ is open to all, through application in March 2016; with training events running April 2016- March 2018. The learning focus will be on epiphytic lichens, particularly species associated with Atlantic woodlands and way-side trees. A combination of learning approaches will be of
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Added 23/03/2016 13:02

‘Clean Water for Wildlife’ Survey

Clean Water for Wildlife   The ‘Clean Water for Wildlife’ Survey, will involve thousands of people (including individuals, schools and community groups) surveying for two important pollutants: nitrate and phosphate.  Different water bodies will be sampled using simple strip test kits.  By analysing these pollutant levels, citizen scientists and freshwater experts will assess the state of all freshwaters in Wales – something that has never been undertaken before.... more

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BIS Data on NBN Gateway

BIS has now updated the Powys Micro-moth records from VC 42,43 amd 47 On NBN Gateway.

The Invasive Non-native Species records held by BIS are  also now available on NBN Gateway, excluding records withheld by data provider.

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