Welcome to the SaSq squares for August 2019

Our August squares are near Lower Chapel, Crossgates & Four Crosses. All have biological records but none of these are recent records, (made in the last 10 years).

Can you help add recent records to these 1km squares?

Click on the link to show the records we have already for each square.

Click on the maps below to download a pdf of each square.

VC42 Brecknockshire - SO0535 - Twyn-y-gaer, near Lower Chapel

This square is near Lower Chapel, but access is easier from Felinfach or Llanddew. A minor road and public right of way allow access into this mostly agricultural square, with hedgerows and woodland copse for more interest.

We have only 4 non-sensitive species records for this square, the most recent being in 2007. To see the list of records in the public area of Aderyn for SO0535, click here.

VC47 Montgomeryshire - SJ2918 - Hendre Farm, near Four Crosses

This square is near Four Crosses. A minor road & public rights of way allow access to this square with fields and scattered trees.

We have only 5 non-sensitive records for this square, the most recent in 2005.

To see the list of records for this square use the What's in my Area tool in Aderyn or click here.