Welcome to the SaSq squares for June 2018

This months unrecorded squares are near Llanidloes & Rhayader remain unrecorded.

Click on the maps below to download a pdf of each square.

VC43 Radnorshire - SO0468 - VC43 Radnorshire

East of Rhayader square SO0468 can be accessed by a minor road north of the A44 at Nantmel. A bridleway runs north from a crossroads which should give access to the pond and Camlo Brook in the north of the square. The adjacent squares to the east and north-east are also unrecorded (SO0568 & SO0569). These can be accessed with a circular walk from SO0468.

VC47 Montgomeryshire - SN9784 - VC47 Montgomeryshire

Square SN9784, east of Llanidloes can be accesses by a minor road, Gorn Road. A bridleway runs north along a track and then west through the square. A circular walk can be done along these from Llanidloes. There are small woodland copses and hedgerows.