Welcome to the SaSq squares for September 2018

Our 3 featured unrecorded squares are near Llanfechain, Bwlch y Sarnau & Heol Senni

Click on the maps below to download a pdf of each square.

VC47 Montgomeryshire - SJ1821 - VC47 Montgomeryshire

SJ1821 is north of Llanfechain and has a minor road running through it. There is also a footpath with woodland and scattered trees offering the most interest.

VC43 Radnorshire - SO0576 - VC43 Radnorshire

SO0576 is north of Bwlch y Sarnau. It has a minor road running through it along with several tracks. Forestry and hedgerows offer the most interest.

VC42 Brecknockshire - SN9324 - VC42 Brecknockshire

SN9324 near Heol Senni has a minor road running through it. THere are scattered trees and hedgerows along with woodland in the north of the square.